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Our Last Summer Variety Class


We just finished our last summer variety class at The Workshop for this summer. It was on DIY Back to School Supplies. The kids enjoyed customizing their own pencils, notebooks, and other supplies. They used materials such as ribbon, tape, paper, and other decorations to decorate and customize their supplies.

If you enjoyed the summer variety classes, we will be having afterschool classes similar to the summer variety classes. They are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 3:30-5pm. There is also homeschool classes similar to these Fridays 1-2pm.


Summer Fun

Many fun classes have taken place this summer at The Workshop. People enjoyed making wooden signs, painting a watercolor landscape, and making chainmaille bracelets. Kids also came in and enjoyed all the summer and creative kids classes. The most recent summer variety class was on fish printing. Teens also enjoyed the teen night classes using the indigo vat, making wind chimes, or acrylic painting on canvas.

We have been very busy recently at The Workshop with all this summer fun. Now it's time for a vacation. August 12-19 The Workshop will be CLOSED. Starting on the 20th, there will only be one week left of the regular summer schedule. The completely new and revamped fall schedule will start in September.

Weekend Projects at The Workshop

There were lots of projects happing this past weekend at The Workshop. People came in and did concrete leaf casting, glass mosaics, and reversible wooden signs.

On Saturday from 12-4pm people could come in to make concrete leaf casts. Participants learned how to preserve rhubarb or hasta leaves into cement in this hands-on class.

Saturday also served as a glass mosaic workday. Participants made a 5x7inch or 8x10inch glass mosaic using faux stained glass.

On Sunday from 1-5pm, The Workshop was open for people to come in and make a reversible wooden sign. Participants choose two different designs for two different seasons.

Creative Kids July

This Thursday and Friday at The Workshop, kids can come in for a Creative Kids Class. The theme for July is construction. Some of the projects include a bean station with trucks, a play dough station, and a building block station. Kids can paint little wooden blocks, make their own tool box, or paint with wooden hammers. There is also a baby art station in this month's class with toy trucks and paint to make tracks down ramps or tracks on a bigger sheet of paper on the floor. Thursday has come and gone, but stop by Friday from 10 to 11am to check it out. Cost is $5 for the first child and $3 for each additional.

Reversible Wooden Signs

On Sunday, July 9, 1-5pm we will be making reversible wooden signs. People attending the class will be able to paint the 5.5" x 36" wooden signs with two different designs for two different seasons. These personalized wooden signs work great as décor for a porch or entryway. To change seasonal décor, simply turn the sign around to show off the other side. The cost for the class is $30 per person, all materials included. The process takes about two hours so please reserve a time between 1:00 and 5:00pm.  

I had the chance to finish one side of one of the signs. It was already painted with red and white stripes and blue at the top. I decided to add stars to the blue top to make it look like the flag. Then I choose black letters saying "God Bless America" and used Mod Podge to glue them on the wooden sign.

Recently at The Workshop

There has been a variety of different classes at The Workshop in the past few weeks. Some of the classes include an Underwater Watercolor painting class, Kids Discussion Group, and Open Studio.

Last week Wednesday The Workshop had an Underwater Watercolor painting class. The kids used watercolors and salt to make an undersea scene with bubbles.

Last week's Kids Discussion Group was all about books. The kids talked about their favorite books, their favorite authors, and which books they are currently reading. This week's Kids Discussion Group is focused on Exercise and Sports.

The Workshop has Open Studio hours even with the construction. Open Studio hours on Wednesday are 3-5, Thursday 10-12, and 10-12 on Friday. During Open Studio, kids can do a variety of different projects.

This week Wednesday is a sewing class on a zipper pouch. The kids picked out their fabric and then sewed them together with the zipper.

On Friday night, June 23rd, 7-9:30pm The Workshop will be having an Acrylic Painting Class. People attending the class will use a picture of a butterfly in The Workshop to base their painting off of.

This Sunday, June 25th, 7-9pm is Ladies Night at The Workshop. People attending the class will be able to make a silhouette lantern or any other summer class projects.

A Week in Review

This week at The Workshop we had a variety of different classes including a Acrylic Panting class, Creative Kids, Teen Night and a Leaf Casting Class.

On Wednesday this week at The Workshop, we made an Acrylic Painting of a palm tree on the beach. The people taking the class based their own painting off of one in The Workshop.

On Thursday this week at The Workshop, kids came in for a Creative Kids class. This month's topic was all about Wisconsin. Some of the crafts made were little mosquitos and bracelets using yellow and green or red and white beads.  They made triangles of yellow paper with holes in them to look like cheese. There was also a station of "snow" or fluff for the kids to play in. New to this month's class was a baby art station as well.   

Friday morning at The Workshop was Kids Discussion Group. This week's class focused on the topic of fishing. The kids could bring in fishing supplies or talk about their favorite fishing experiences.

Friday night at The Workshop was Teen night. This month's project was Indigo Dying. The teens used this process to dye T-shirts or pieces of fabric.

On Saturday was a Leaf Casting Class at The Workshop. People attending the class used Rhubarb or Hasta leaves to make impressions on the concrete.

New Summer Assistant

The Workshop welcomes Elise Lundeen as a summer assistant for 2017. Elise has already been able to help out with some classes and parties. She will be helping with classes and Open Studio all summer. Another task she will be doing at The Workshop is picking up the blog that has been silent since last summer. She will be posting about classes and other activities she experiences at The Workshop. Look for more blog posts soon and stop by to welcome Elise yourself.