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Treasure Hunt

Get your crew together: The Workshop is hosting a treasure hunt in Columbus on Saturday, July 26, starting at 9am. Clues will be hidden around town. Groups will follow and decipher the clues for a morning of adventure and fun. The first group to finish gets the treasure.

Registration deadline is Thursday, July 24 at 6pm.

Cost is $15 per group.

To register, please email with the following information:

—Contact person

—Number of participants in group

—Email address

—Cell phone number


· The first clue will be emailed at 9am. Please begin by 10am.

· The treasure hunt should take about an hour or two, depending on how long it takes to figure out the clues and how fast you walk.

· Any number of people can make up a group; however, it is easier to travel in smaller groups, and the treasure at the end (as well as treats along the way) will be split by the whole group.

· There is no age minimum or maximum. Some of the clues are tricky and could use the experience of a seasoned pirate to help with deciphering.

· Cheating will not be tolerated, as in no moving clues around or hiding them differently than you found them. Follow the instructions with the clue and take only what you are told to take. Some clues are easier and some more difficult to figure out. You are allowed to use the Internet, dictionaries and other resources. You can phone a friend if you need to, and if you're really stuck, call Becky: 920-319-6956. When in doubt about who found a clue first, always defer to the youngest pirate in the conflict.

· There are no prizes for costumes, but pirate attire is encouraged.

· Please be careful of traffic and trains and don’t litter or leave a mess with any of the clues.

Treasure Hunt Info Sheet

Business Participation Info Sheet