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Excited for the move, but we have a two more classes yet in the old building. Come enjoy this creative space one last time.

Want to help with the MOVE? Saturday, April 25, 9am-noon we'll be back and forth between the buildings moving furniture, boxes, etc. Please come help if you have a little time. :)

Exploring Creativity: watercolor aquarium
Friday, April 24, 3:30-5pm
Cost: $12 or $60 for a six class pass

Use salt and watercolor to make the aquarium background. While it dries, we'll make all the fun creatures and underwater decorations. Recommended for elementary and middle school age.

Friday, April 24, 7-9pm
Cost: $15

Rhythmic designs are formed any time a line is repeated to form a pattern, most famous example is Zentangles. Rhythmic patterns can be found everywhere, from a spider web to the waves of the ocean to the finger prints we have. We'll have some fun finding patterns, and then learn how simple shapes repeated build up to more complicated ones such as a paisley. The main idea is to have fun with the pen and inspire you. Just need to bring an open mind and desire to explore. We'll use straight line, zig-zag, spiral and curves. Our agenda will be play and see; maybe you'll find a pattern you like and use it to draw like Emile-Alain Seguy or Albrecht Durer. Instructor: Tina Lainberger.