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A Week in Review

This week at The Workshop we had a variety of different classes including a Acrylic Panting class, Creative Kids, Teen Night and a Leaf Casting Class.

On Wednesday this week at The Workshop, we made an Acrylic Painting of a palm tree on the beach. The people taking the class based their own painting off of one in The Workshop.

On Thursday this week at The Workshop, kids came in for a Creative Kids class. This month's topic was all about Wisconsin. Some of the crafts made were little mosquitos and bracelets using yellow and green or red and white beads.  They made triangles of yellow paper with holes in them to look like cheese. There was also a station of "snow" or fluff for the kids to play in. New to this month's class was a baby art station as well.   

Friday morning at The Workshop was Kids Discussion Group. This week's class focused on the topic of fishing. The kids could bring in fishing supplies or talk about their favorite fishing experiences.

Friday night at The Workshop was Teen night. This month's project was Indigo Dying. The teens used this process to dye T-shirts or pieces of fabric.

On Saturday was a Leaf Casting Class at The Workshop. People attending the class used Rhubarb or Hasta leaves to make impressions on the concrete.