The Workshop

Welcome to The Workshop, an art and craft studio for people of all ages. Explore the site to learn about upcoming classes, specials and the gallery.

Check out our Open Studio Hours, also open additionally by appointment.

Recently at The Workshop

There has been a variety of different classes at The Workshop in the past few weeks. Some of the classes include an Underwater Watercolor painting class, Kids Discussion Group, and Open Studio.

Last week Wednesday The Workshop had an Underwater Watercolor painting class. The kids used watercolors and salt to make an undersea scene with bubbles.

Last week's Kids Discussion Group was all about books. The kids talked about their favorite books, their favorite authors, and which books they are currently reading. This week's Kids Discussion Group is focused on Exercise and Sports.

The Workshop has Open Studio hours even with the construction. Open Studio hours on Wednesday are 3-5, Thursday 10-12, and 10-12 on Friday. During Open Studio, kids can do a variety of different projects.

This week Wednesday is a sewing class on a zipper pouch. The kids picked out their fabric and then sewed them together with the zipper.

On Friday night, June 23rd, 7-9:30pm The Workshop will be having an Acrylic Painting Class. People attending the class will use a picture of a butterfly in The Workshop to base their painting off of.

This Sunday, June 25th, 7-9pm is Ladies Night at The Workshop. People attending the class will be able to make a silhouette lantern or any other summer class projects.