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Creative Kids - Vegetables

August's Creative Kids class focused on vegetables. There were multiple stations, with painting, stamping, coloring, and other crafts. One station was painting using celery as paintbrushes. Another was potato/other vegetable stamping, where kids would put paint on a carved potato or other vegetable and press the image down onto paper. There was also a coloring page of a vegetable garden and making corn, carrots, and peas out of paper and other craft supplies, like foam, pipe cleaners, and beads.

Canvas Painting

On Wednesday and Thursday at The Workshop, we held a class on canvas painting. The people in the class based their painting off of one in The Workshop, a picture of birch trees and a full moon. The people taking the class started with a dark background and dried it before adding the trees and the moon.

The Pokemon Experience

Friday, to prepare for an upcoming birthday party, I took Noah, Gabe, and Ellie around town to catch Pokémon on my phone. We walked around to various "Pokestops" (places around town where you can collect supplies to help you collect Pokémon) and caught a total of 21 Pokémon. The kids all got to name one after themselves, too. After we got back to The Workshop, the kids worked on Pokémon art, like drawing pokeballs and making little clay Pokémon.

Flower Pounding

On the third and fourth of August, the class at The Workshop was flower pounding. Flower pounding is where you take flowers, tape them to a piece of cloth with a contact sheet, and hit it repeatedly with a hammer. The hammer pushes color out of the plants and into the fabric, so you can have a flower printed bookmark or pillow. 

Gyotaku Fish Printing

On Wednesday and Thursday at The Workshop, we did Gyotaku fish printing, which is putting ink or paint on rubber or real fish and stamping it onto a piece of paper or cloth. After the fish is stamped onto the paper or cloth, you could do other things with it. A few people made pillows with the cloth they printed on, or they could use pencils or paint to fill in the white spaces of the fish on paper.

Iris Folding Class

On the 14th at The Workshop, there was a class on iris folding, which is folding and laying down papers to fill in a shape. The people that participated filled in butterflies. They chose the strips of colored paper they wanted and layered them according to a pattern. The butterflies all turned out really well, and their makers had a lot of fun doing them.

My First Painting Class

Emmi here. Today, I had my first painting class at The Workshop. I had done some painting before, by which I mean a mandatory art class over a year ago, so this was new to me. I started my painting by pasting torn-out sections of A Tale of Two Cities to the canvas. I used a couple other paintings at The Workshop as a model of sorts for my painting. I used acrylic paint and mixed colors together to get the color I wanted, which turned into a fun mess. The painting turned out better than I thought it would for a first time for me, and I really enjoyed the project.

Creative Kids

At The Workshop on Friday, we held our monthly Creative Kids event. The theme for July was ice cream, so there were a variety of activities the kids could participate in. The kids could paint ice cream cones. color in an ice cream cone riding a bike, make ice cream out of tissue or construction paper, or make ice cream from Play-Doh.

Fuse Beading Class

Today at The Workshop, we held a class on working with fuse beads. People came in to make pictures with the beads and iron them down so they stay in their shape. They either used a board to fill in an already-made shape, counted beads to make a picture from a book, or drew their own picture on paper to fill in on the board with beads.

New Summer Assistant

The Workshop welcomes Emmi Green as a summer assistant for 2016. Emmi will be helping with classes and Open Studio. Another task she will be doing at The Workshop is picking up the blog that has been silent for almost a year. She will be posting about classes and other activities she experiences at The Workshop. Look for more blog posts soon and stop by to welcome Emmi yourself.