The Workshop

Welcome to The Workshop, an art and craft studio for people of all ages. Explore the site to learn about upcoming classes, specials and the gallery.

Check out our Open Studio Hours, also open additionally by appointment.


The Workshop opened February 22, 2014.  It was started by Becky Weidner with help from Kara Ginther.  


To help people of all ages bring out their creative side and learn new skills and to provide a place in Columbus for people to make and view art.


The Workshop is an art and craft studio that opened in February of 2014. At that time it was located in New World Creative Studio on North Spring Street in Columbus, Wisconsin.

The Workshop provides enriching experiences for people of all ages and abilities. There are classes for different ages levels and open studio times at the shop. Some of the classes offered include printmaking, needle felting, stained glass, mosaics, painting, drawing, collage, textile dyeing, concrete leaf casting, and sewing.

The Workshop provides a senior craft at the Columbus Area Senior Center, sometimes monthly, sometimes upon request. We have also worked with teens at the library, provided children's crafts at the Arts and Ales Festival in Columbus and the Sorghum Festival in Fall River, volunteered during late start days at Columbus Elementary School and Columbus Middle School and have brought artists in to work with kids at CMS, CES and Zion Lutheran School.

The Workshop is able to offer a really great onsite field trip experience. Students can view original art in the gallery and make a project of their own. In the Spring and Fall there is a Featured Artist Series where a different artist is featured for one or two months. The artists who have done a show at The Workshop include Kelsely Curkeet, Jameson Pohlmeier, Cara Moseley, Rod Melotte, Amy Knipshield, and Kelly Seidl, Stephenie Hamon, Kristen Westlake, Ray Easley,  Tina Lainberger, Drew Garris, EleventyOneStudio, Christe Solie, Betsy Lampert, H. Brandt, Ron Benisch, Becky Weidner, Deb Haeffner, Pamela Charvat, and Janice Ladwig. In addition to displaying art in the gallery, the artists are encouraged to interact with the public through a reception, class, project, or onsite day. Field trip groups are scheduled during the onsite days. So a bonus to having a field trip on one of those days is that children not only see art but meet the artist who made it.

Through these field trip days, 4-H and girl scout classes, and through birthday parties, The Workshop has brought in groups from Madison, Sun Prairie, Beaver Dam, Pardeeville, Lake Mills, Cambria, and Fall River, along with classes from CMS, St. Jerome's, Peterson Elementary, Columbus Preschool, Redbud 4K, Wilson Elementary, and Zion Lutheran School. 

In October of 2014 and 2015, The Workshop was one of the stops on the Beaver Dam Area Art Association’s Driving Art Tour.

In November of 2014, The Workshop participated in Columbus's Downtown Art Walk.

In February 2015, The Workshop hosted the "I Love" gallery show where artists of all ages and abilities had the opportunity to display and sell their work.

In the Fall of 2017 The Workshop expanded daytime classes, offering weekly homeschool classes on Tuesday afternoons. In Spring of 2018 homeschool classes were expanded to add a second class on Tuesday mornings. These classes will break for the summer and continue again in the Fall of 2019.

In the Spring of 2015, The Workshop had the opportunity to move to downtown Columbus to the current location at 128 W. James Street. This move helped to make The Workshop more accessible, making it easier for groups, like those from Green Valley Enterprises, to come for classes. In the new space The Workshop is also setting up a gift shop to provide a place for local artists to sell their work. Although slightly smaller than the original location, the new space still provides a place for people to make art and try out new things.

One of the goals of The Workshop is to match up people with skills in a particular area with those who want to learn how to do something. The Workshop gives artists, instructors, and enthusiasts a platform for sharing their knowledge with others and provides a local opportunity for people to learn new skills or practice their abilities in a variety of different artistic mediums.


When is The Workshop open?

Summer Hours: 

Monday - by appointment

Tuesday - 9:00 a.m. - 12:00p.m.

Wednesday - 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Thursday - by appointment

Friday - 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Weekend - by appointment

Occasionally we are closed for vacation or special events. Check our calendar for the most current info. If there are other times that you would like to stop by, please call 920-319-6956 for an appointment. We are very willing to accommodate.


Is The Workshop for kids or adults?

Both. Open Studio is a time when anyone can come in to use our space. We also have classes for different age levels. Check out our recurring classes, specialty classes and Summer 2018 classes for more information.


Can I drop off my kids?

That depends on your kids. For young children, we require parents to stay, assist, and have fun while their kids are learning and making things. As children get older, they become more able to do projects independently, clean up after themselves, and move from one project to the next. There is no specific age at which this happens; thus, it works best if you come in with your children and explore The Workshop, learn where supplies and tools are located, and determine if they will be able to work independently. That way you are also able to sign our contact form/liability waiver.  We do have some classes, like Exploring Creativity during the school year or Summer Variety Classes, when you can drop off your kids. During classes, an instructor will guide children as they make their projects.


What is the difference between Open Studio and taking classes?

During Open Studio visitors are welcome to explore and create independently. Our staff will show you around, suggest projects, help find supplies and tools, give brief instructions or examples of how to make things, and answer basic questions. During classes, an instructor will guide you through a project in a more step by step manner giving hands on assistance and detailed demonstration. Classes often use specialty materials that aren’t always available during Open Studio. For example: you can come in during Open Studio and learn to tie dye. We have an assortment of Rite dyes and fabric pieces available to use. Staff will show you where the materials are located and give some brief instructions on how to use them. If you take a tie dye class, an instructor will prepare professional grade dyes, show examples of dyed items, give hands on demonstrations of folding techniques, assist those who need help throughout the process, and answer questions based on long experience working with textiles and dyes.


Why do some projects in Open Studio have an upcharge?

Many of our supplies for Open Studio are donated. It is wonderful to be able to find uses for tools and supplies that people are no longer using. It also keeps Open Studio very affordable. There are many amazing and fun projects that you can do with our basic Open Studio supplies. To be able to offer other projects, we have to purchase specialty supplies. It costs a little extra, but we are pleased to give people the opportunity to learn or practice their skills in areas such as needle felting, block carving and printing, ceramic dish painting, etc. Occasionally we include a specialty item like canvas or pillow forms during a week of Open Studio.


Can I donate items to The Workshop?

YES!!! As stated in the previous answer, it is wonderful to be able to find uses for tools and supplies that people are no longer using. Please refer to our donation page for specifics.