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The gallery at The Workshop is in transition during the month of January. We still have a lovely wall of Rod Melotte and a wall of Holiday show from December. Much as I hate to take down beautiful art, it's time for a change.

In February we will have a Storybook Show. Artists of all ages will have the chance to create a picture book illustration. The show will feature this art, showing all the different ways artists might interpret a passage from a children’s picture book. Artists have the choice of selling their work or having it for display only. To enter the show, please contact Becky at 920-319-6956 or The deadline to submit art for the storybook show will be February 5th. The storybook show will be on display at The Workshop through the end of February. There will also be a gallery reception on Saturday, February 25th from 4:00 to 6:00pm. Local children’s book author D. L. Bartlett will be at the reception to answer questions from any aspiring authors and illustrators.


Storybook Show Entry Form

Storybook Show Poster (color)

Storybook Show Poster (black and white)

Featured Artist Series

We will feature a different artist for one or two months in the spring and fall. In addition to having art on display, featured artists interact with visitors to The Workshop in a variety of ways such as holding a reception, teaching a class, being available for at an onsite day to meet with field trip groups, or working on a special project at the shop.

Upcoming shows

March/April 2017: Kelsey Curkeet, Wood Mosaic

May/June 2017: Christe Solie, Photography

July 2017: Summer Showcase

August/September 2017: Betty Lampert, Oil Painting

Featured artist in October-November, 2016: Rod Melotte

Artist Reception: Saturday, October 8, 1:00 - 3:00pm.

Artist onsite day: TBD Field trip groups will be scheduled throughout the day.

In addition to those special days, visitors can also visit the gallery whenever The Workshop is open for Open Studio or call to make a viewing appointment (920-319-6956).

Holiday Show

In December the gallery will be open to different artists to display and sell Christmas, holiday or winter art. Those interested in participating in a December show should contact The Workshop at 920-319-6956 or


AUGUST/SEPTEMBER, 2016: Drew Garris of Fon du Lac, WI

Reception:  Sunday, July 31, 2:00 - 4:00pm

Artist Onsite Day: Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Workshop welcomes Drew Garris to the gallery for the months of August and September. Join us on Sunday, July 31st for a celebration of Garris's show of acylic landscapes, seascapes, and farmscapes. The Artist Reception is a FREE event. Stop by to meet Drew Garris and check out his work. Also from 2:00 to 4:00pm on Sunday, July 31st The Workshop will have Open Studio at the regular $5 rate, for those inclined to make some art of their own.

MAY/JUNE, 2016: Rod Hill of Beaver Dam, WI

Reception: Saturday, May 7, 1-3pm

Artist Statement

I am excited to announce this 2 month exhibit of some of my favorite art works. I've been a big fan of Bob Ross and his painting method for years. So much, in fact, that between 2008 and 2011 I studied and became certified to teach classes utilizing this method. I am a certified Ross instructor in "landscape", "floral", and "wildlife" styles using oil pant medium, on canvas and drum heads. I also dabble in acrylics on canvas and wood, and watercolors on canvas. Come in to the 'Workshop' and see my works. Many of which can be purchased. Rod Hill CRI, CRFI, CRWI©

Photos of Rods Paintings at The Workshop.

MARCH/APRIL , 2016: Tina Lainberger of Columbus, WI

Reception: Saturday, April 9, 4-7pm

Onsite date: Friday, April 22

The Workshop welcomes Tina Lainberger and her show "Leftovers" to the gallery for the months of March and April. Join us on Saturday, April 9th for a celebration of Lainberger's show.

The Artist Reception is a FREE event. The show is titled "Leftovers" because many of the pieces were made using leftovers from other projects Lainberger was working on. If you would like to make your own "leftover" art at this time there is a $5.00 project fee. Work on an 8x10 canvas or board to create a one of a kind project in the style of Lainberger's work.

Artist Statement
Art has always been my passion of expression. I enjoy abstract and the endless array of options abstract presents. My newspaper collages are born from the time spent with my grandparents. I would read them with them often. My abstract often hides deeper themes that sometimes are very open to interpretation.

January/February, 2016: Ray Easley of Columbus, WI

Reception: Saturday, January 30, 7-9pm

Ghost Party

Ray Easley received his B.A. from the University of Houston in 2012 and his M.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2014. Easley focuses on the experimentation of paint application and the use of ambiguous characters to serve as a template to generate identifiable elements. This year Easley has participated in group shows "The art of Collage" at the Frank Juarez Gallery in Sheboygan, WI. and "We Got Spirit, Yes We Do" in Fairfield IA. and was a visiting artist for the University of Arkansas during the month of November.  "Ghost Party" will be a collection of Easleys' work from his M.F.A. thesis show from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Easley is currently working on his first solo shows for Underground gallery in Fayetteville, AR. in March 2016 and Madison Public Library Gallery for the Madison Spring Gallery Night on May 6th, 2016. 

August/September, 2015: Stephenie Hamen of Sun Prairie, WI

Mixed media/collage art

Reception: Saturday, August 1, 6-9pm

Onsite day: Wednesday, September 16, 9am-3pm

Field Trip Project: mixed media, 1 hour, $3.00/student

Home: Heart

I have been creating as long as I can remember.  I have had a hammer in one hand and crayons in the other since I was old enough to walk.  My father is a carpenter, creating furniture that filled our home.  He taught me the discipline needed to create this way, but also provided me the freedom to try and learn on my own.  My parents supplied me with an endless pile of paper and supplies to create whatever my heart desired.

Over the years I have dabbled in different crafts, materials, styles, and mediums.  What I have learned is that mixed media speaks to me most, as it is ever evolving, just like me.

I always want to include a bit of whimsy and fun into my pieces, as well as a sense wonder. 

I primarily work on canvas and wood, using a number of materials including acrylics, vintage papers and dress patterns, gesso, mediums, and ephemera.  My drawings primarily use pen and watercolors or Gelatos.  Being able to move between media, form, and styles is something that helps me to continue to evolve and grow as an artist. 

Being able to stand back and see something new and inspiring in a piece makes me happy.  Seeing the reaction of my children to a finished piece is the true test, however.  They are still young enough to be honest – brutally so at times – and that forces me to look at through other eyes and see it for how it will be perceived out in the world and not just in my studio

Find out more about Stephenie at

October/November, 2015: Kristen Westlake of Reeseville, WI

Landscape Photography

Reception: Saturday, October 10, 3-6pm

Onsite day: Tuesday, October 6, 9am-3pm

Field Trip Project: photography experience, 1.5 hours, $4.00/student

Bio / Mission

I was born in a Naval Hospital in Rhode Island. My family moved to a Wisconsin farm when I was eight - perfect for me! A highly energized youngster, I delighted in adventure, running, roaming, and stopping to memorize landscapes and watch wild animals for hours. To capture my love of nature my Dad gave me a camera for my confirmation gift at age 12. He taught me the technical aspects of using the Minolta SLR and its interchangeable lenses. We sat out in the field together often, where I learned to 'see' photographically.

I am a 'manual' photographer. I intimately know the technical aspects of my tools (cameras, lenses, filters, etc). I enjoy envisioning an image and then the challenge of creating it. Sometimes the vision is spontaneous and the set up to create it happens quickly (as with lightning). Other times I plan far in advance (for example, the full moon over the Wisconsin Capitol) and then hope that the weather cooperates. The point is, I enjoy the thinking aspect of creating my work manually versus the utilization of all of the automated processes that are readily available these days.

Grasping a complete knowledge and understanding of how the equipment works is a lifelong practice. The choice to create by figuring out manually how to create my own interpretation of a scene involves the ability to think both concretely and abstractly. For me, over time the technical side of photography became the 'easy' stuff. I began to pair photography with the study of color theory. Rather than working primarily with luminosity contrast in post production, I utilize my knowledge of how color works to further the mood and feel of my work.

I have always aspired to show the world as I uniquely see it. However, through my deliberate practice of manually working my photography, I no longer simply transfer what I see to the world in pictures. I now see in my work what it is that I feel / felt. My intent is to transport the viewer into my work; to smell the rain, feel the wind, taste the dew, hear the thunder, and see with all of the senses.

April, 2015: Amy Knipshield of Sun Prairie, WI

Printmaking/collage art

Reception: Friday, April 10, 7-9pm

Onsite day: Tuesday, April 28, 9am-3pm

Field Trip Project: monoprint or collage, $3.50/student

May, 2015: Kelly Seidl of Columbus, WI


Reception: Friday, May 8, 7-9pm

Onsite day: Thursday, May 14, 9am-3pm   

Field Trip Project: digital photography lesson/photo scavenger hunt, $4.00/student



Expressing the Fractal: Songs of Nature

A Photographic Exhibition by Kelly Seidl



Featured artist in October-November, 2014: Rod Melotte

Artist Reception: Saturday, October 11, 2:00 - 4:00pm.

Artist onsite day: Thursday, October 16, 9:00am - 2:30pm. Field trip groups are scheduled throughout the day.

In addition to those special days, visitors can also visit the gallery whenever The Workshop is open for Open Studio.

Featured artist in September, 2014: Cara Moseley (

Artist onsite day: Friday, September 19, 9:00am - 2:30pm. Field trip groups are scheduled throughout the day.

Closing reception: Friday, September 26, 7:00 - 9:00pm.

Class: Indigo Dyeing. During the closing reception, visitors are welcome to experiment with dipping textiles in an indigo dye vat. The cost is $5 per item.

In addition to those special days, visitors can also visit the gallery whenever The Workshop is open for Open Studio.

Featured artist in May, 2014: Jaemeson Pohlmeier

Opening reception: Friday, May 9, 7:00 - 9:00pm.

Class: Abstract Acrylic, Saturday, May 24, 2:00 - 3:30. Cost is $25, all materials included.

In addition to those special days, visitors can also visit the gallery whenever The Workshop is open for Open Studio.

Featured artist in April, 2014: Kelsey Curkeet

Opening reception is Friday, April 4, 7:00 - 9:00pm.

Class: Watercolor Colormixing on Sunday, April 13, 2:00 - 3:30. Cost is $15, all materials included.

Artist onsite day: Friday, April 25, 9:00am - 5:00pm. Field trip groups are scheduled throughout the day--we have one field trip slot still available.

In addition to those special days, visitors can also visit the gallery whenever The Workshop is open for Open Studio.

Summer Showcase

The gallery at The Workshop will be featuring a Summer Showcase with pieces incorporating a range of media from artists and makers. Anyone interested in displaying or selling their work at The Workshop in the Summer Showcase can call 920-319-6956 or email The Summer Showcase will be on display throughout July and will be changing as items are added or sold. In August we will continue with our Featured Artist Series.